Enterprising Homeschool Mom

EP 11: Living A Slower Paced Life In A Fast Paced World

April 19, 2021 Kim Brame Episode 11
Enterprising Homeschool Mom
EP 11: Living A Slower Paced Life In A Fast Paced World
Show Notes

In this episode, I will be discussing why it's okay to move at the speed that fits your needs and not compare your journey to others.

You will discover why it's essential to...

  • Assess the season you are in.
  • Limit your commitments outside of the home.
  • Run your race.
  • Set your own time frames for what you want to achieve for your life, homeschool, and business.
  • Honor your child's desire to participate or not participate in extra activities.
  • Live a less stressed life and enjoy the present moment.
  • Recognize your current capacity and not exceed it.

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