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Ep 18: Why Kids Love Hands-on Homeschool Enrichment W/Rachel Figg

July 14, 2021 Kim Brame and Rachel Figg Episode 18
Enterprising Homeschool Mom
Ep 18: Why Kids Love Hands-on Homeschool Enrichment W/Rachel Figg
Show Notes

Rachel shares how she went on a journey to help homeschool families achieve a well-rounded homeschool after feeling the need to incorporate more music and other enrichment into her homeschool. She faced challenges finding the right materials, as well as juggling activities outside of the home that wouldn't cause a lot of schedule conflicts with the individual members of her family, so she decided to create a program that includes art, music, physical education, and STEM.  All while keeping it fun, self-paced, and interactive without overwhelming, stress, or pressure.

What We Discuss?

  • How the arts can help children make connections between other subjects that they are learning.
  • How kids learn by doing, so hands-on learning enables children to remember more of what they learn. 
  • Why every sport or activity doesn't need to be performance-based for our children to reap the benefits.
  • How hands-on homeschool helps children solve problems, build design skills, and helps them to fulfill the enrichment that many of us desire our children to have without the pressure of shuffling the kids around to practices and rehearsals since they can learn from home at their own pace.
  • How homeschool allowed Rachel's family to come together and experience more flexibility and freedom.

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