Enterprising Homeschool Mom

Ep 23: How To Be Patient With Your Progress

October 27, 2021 Kim Brame Episode 23
Enterprising Homeschool Mom
Ep 23: How To Be Patient With Your Progress
Show Notes

Sometimes you feel like you aren't moving as fast as you would like to go. When you are a very ambitious woman, you are very driven, have goals, and have a vision for your life. Sometimes it can feel like you're so far away from where you want to be. And it can become frustrating while you're homeschooling because you know that takes up some of your time and some of your day.
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Now, this podcast episode is not to be negative at all about where you are. But what I want to do is give you some tools that you can reach for and use when you are going through these challenges, these frustrations, and you feel like you aren't moving as fast as you would like to be moving.

You know, being a homeschool mom matters to you. But you also know that your goals matter to you. Your business matter to you. If you're married, your marriage matters to you. So there are so many things pulling for your time, your attention, and your energy. And there's also a lot going on in the world in the social climate. And it's hard to ignore it. Even though, thankfully, we've carved out many of us have carved out our own life at home, which is fantastic.

But you know, sometimes I know for me when I pay attention to what's going on. Sometimes if I spend too much attention on it, it can slow me down as well. Because I feel okay, there is so much to prepare for. But what I want to share with you today is how to be patient with your progress. And this is so important for you not to give up or become overwhelmed or frustrated with your progress. So one of the ways you can be patient with your progress is to think about what your priorities are, what your principles are. And with that being said, sometimes it feels like you're not given enough time and attention to, let's say, your business or your home school.

At the moment. Sometimes we have to be patient with the process because we think about, okay, what truly matters? Is it the regular school day? Or is it the relationships? Is it the memories? Is it the love, the care, the attention, the quality of time over the quantity of time? And when it comes to our business? Thinking about okay, why do we have our business? What do we want our business to look like? And what are the top things we need to do to move the needle forward in our business? Because you can't do it all at once.

So I know I was dealing with a bit of frustration because there were so many things that needed to be done in the business. You know, somethi


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